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Have you been pondering the idea of completing your own SEO for your website? Are you trying to aavoid spending thousands of dollars to pay a company to do it for you? W/H Creative Web Design has put together this The SEO Checklist to help business owners get a headstart on today’s new SEO techniques by teaching basic tasks to help improve their online ranking and searchability.

With these techniques, you can be sure to finally see the results you need for your business! Whether your goal is to drive traffic, make sales, or increase submissions, The SEO Checklist can help direct you on you how to increase your reach.

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“Business Owners of the world. Many SEO companies are charging upwards of thousands of dollars to complete SEO. And rightfully so, they should. SEO takes a lot of time and effort. We wanted to write this book because many new business owners do not know where to start after creating their online presence. You’ve built your website (or hired someone to do it for you), created your social media handles, and made your business cards. None of these tasks will guarantee that you will be seen or found.”

“We understand how hard it is to start a business and have knowledge about bringing awareness to your venture. Through money spent and a lot of research, we have learned how to optimize our websites for multiple websites to increase our rankings for various keywords. We will give you years of information in this guide of simple broken own terms and knowledge. This information is worth thousands of dollars. If you want to be number one and invest your time into learning simple SEO techniques that will improve your brand awareness, this guide is for you!”

“SEO is a very important factor when starting your business. Whether you are solely online, solely service-based, or a mix of both. SEO is important throughout the lifespan of your business. From startup to management and thriving, it is a constant that must b kept up. More and more people are using the internet to find everything. Ordering groceries, purchasing cars, shopping, and learning and more. It is not only important to be on the internet, but you also need to be seen on the internet.”

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